Frequently posting news on your website or want to display your content in a dynamic way? Breaking news! WP Frontpage News is right there for you. This WordPress plugin has been built to:

  • Automatically format your content the way you want
  • Display more information in a limited space to catch users
  • Prevent article authors to break your WordPress layout and to focus only on content
  • Display news block carousel on your home page or in widget position


The plugin is divided in 4 main configuration tabs:

  • Select your content source ie. select a post category or pages and the display ordering
  • Select your display option ie. apply a theme, choose the row and column number,…
  • Image source means where the thumbnail will be picked up and how will it be displayed
  • Advanced parameter for date, read more format and all miscellaneous stuff

The PRO version include a lot amazing features like 3 premium themes and preview, unlimited widget, animation selection, automatic cropping for title and text.

Requirements: PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5+,WordPress 3.5+

Perfect to present large information, easy for final users.

Demo Ask a question? Get-it now!


  • Unlimited Frontpage News instance
  • Insert news blocks in editor from button
  • Display as a widget
  • Select number of  columns and pages
  • Slider effect
  • Order content in each block with AJAX
  • Automatic animation
  • Select categories of posts, pages as content
  • Limit the total number of content elements
  • Choose between first content image or featured one
  • Automatic image cropping
  • Select image source
  • Add custom margin

PRO version features

  • 6 month personal ticket support
  • 3 responsive premium themes (soon!)
  • Automatic crop title using word, chars or lines
  • Automatic crop text using word, chars or lines
  • Automatic animation selection
  • Select a default image
  • Choose your read more text
  • Select content by tags
  • Filter news by date
  • Unlimited widget instance
  • Automatic crop content, title and text
  • Animation selection
  • Install the premium addon and run!

Video demo


WP Frontpage News light version

WP Frontpage News plugin without support, themes & premium features
  • Unlimited website
  • No personnal ticket support
  • 1 default theme
  • No premium features
  • PDF documentation support only
  • Direct download


WP Frontpage News PRO version

WP Frontpage News full package
  • Unlimited website
  • 6 month personal ticket support
  • 3 responsive themes included
  • Premium feature: automatic title and text crop
  • Premium feature: unlimited widget
  • Premium feature: preview from admin
  • PDF Documentation support
  • 6 month download & update
  • Direct download